Equipment Rental

Here you can choose the equipment that you need within a broad range of products and manage your own budget
(if you would like to rent an item for a whole week you must calculate four days instead of seven). 

Phase One XF (Body)

The XF is a madlate camera that allows you to set up IQ3 digital backs even of 80 megapixels, but this is not its most innovative caracteristic. The most striking thing is that it incorporates a new auto focus system called Honeybee and a touch control that assures to speed up the camera management and the manipulation of exposure parameters.

With this camera you can choose between three different digital backs: a 50 megapixel CMOS sensor or a 60/80 megapixels CCD capturer. But the digital back it’s not just one of the ingredients of this camera when its time to tal about image’s quality. The other two are its ability to process the color with a 16 bits depth and reach a 14 step dynamic range.