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Here you can choose the equipment that you need within a broad range of products and manage your own budget
(if you would like to rent an item for a whole week you must calculate four days instead of seven). 

Aputure LS 1200 D PRO


The 1200d Pro can Output 83,100 Lux at 3 meters (10 feet) with Narrow Hyper-Reflector.
The 1200d Pro Includes 3 Different Hyper Reflectors Optimized for the Size of it’s COB.
Weather-Resistant Head Design, (not the Control Box).
0,1% Stepless Dimming.
DMX512 5-Pin XLR In and Out, and Sidus Link® App Compatibility.
CRI≥96, TLCI≥98, CQS≥95 and an SSI (D56)≥73.
5600 ± 200ºK
Two Standard 3-Pin XLR 48V (15A) DC Input, as well as Multi-Voltage V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plates, Allowing Users to High-Output 14.4V, 26V, 28.8V* Batteries.
Battery Charging Functionality. High-Intensity Light and a Backup Charger for V-Mount & Gold Mount Batteries.
Four Different Dimming Curve Options.
8 Different Built-in Light Effects: «Paparazzi», «Fireworks», «Lightning», «Faulty Bulb», «TV», «Pulsing», «Strobe», and «Explosion»
LCD Screen Interface.
Bowens Mount.
Opimized Accessories:
LS 1200 Hyper Reflectors
F10 Barn Doors
Light Dome 150
Light Dome II (Remove Inner Baffle – Remove Gel Holder)
Light Dome SE (Remove Inner Baffle)
Light OctaDome 120 (Remove Inner Baffle)
Lantern 90
Light Box 60×90 (Remove Inner Baffle)
Light Box 30×120 (Remove Inner Baffle)
Compatible Accessories
F10 Fresnel
Bowens Standard Reflector
Bowens Hyper Reflector
Space Light

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