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Maxima Furiosa Standard 1.200w


Maxima Furiosa is the most portable, high-power, bi-colour LED fixture on the market: weighing just 6.7kg and requiring no external ballast, Maxima Furiosa represents the pinnacle of LED lighting technology developed and manufactured in our factories here in Italy.

With the lowest noise levels in the industry, a continuously adjustable color temperature in the 2600K to 6800K range and the same reliability and quality that have become the hallmark of Maxima, Maxima Furiosa raises the bar once again for professional photographers and videographers looking for the best light quality and efficiency in the most compact package. With a power consumption of just 800Wand an impressive output of 80,000 lumens, Furiosa has set a new standard in efficiency for film production, allowing for extended battery operation, reduced consumption in the studio and a much smaller carbon footprint, exceeding any standard set for the environmentally responsible set.

We have Profoto and Bowens adaptors.

Light source COB LED
Luminous output 80000 lumens
LED Color Temp from 2600 to 6800
Color rendition CRI 97
Color rendition TLCI 99
Processor 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7
Optical system Bowens, Profoto® and Arri® QLM mount system compatibility
Noise level from 23dBa to 31dBa
Ambient temperature operation -25° to +35°
AC input 90 to 250V, 50-60Hz (Neutrik PowerCon Blue)
DC input Maxima Battery Box or any 35 to 75 Volts DC Source
Radio interface Bluetooth 4.2 (mobile app for iOS and Android)
Cable type 5 meters, ultra-flexible Neoprene®
Chassis power-in connector Neutrik® PowerCon 20 Blue
Weight 6.7 kg