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HMI Profoto Pro Daylight 800W + Cine Reflector Production Kit


The Profoto HMI 800W ProDaylight along with Cine Reflector is established as one of the main settings for a light with a proper look of film.
PAR lights are a staple of film and video production. These open face hot-lights provide a wide beam spread, variable by a focusing mechanism or by supplementary lenses which attach to the front. But what about strobe user’s looking for a more cinematic light quality? Always looking for ways to expand their arsenal of light-shaping tools, Profoto combined the characteristics of their popular Zoom Reflector with the best qualities of PAR fixtures to offer the Cine Reflector Video Production Kit.
The black powder-coat painted Cine Reflector, which fits all Profoto flash heads, features numerous creature comforts like a large integral handle and a double layer housing to protect the user from heat. An umbrella bracket is built into the unit for bounce light options. Out of the box, the beam angle is zoomable from 35 – 105° using the familiar Profoto collar mount. But this is one extremely comprehensive kit. Five supplementary lenses are included to vastly enhance this already impressive performance. The Fresnel lens focuses the light output for sharp shadow and sunlight effects. The remaining lenses are a Super Wide and Wide Flood, Narrow Spot, Medium Flood and Wide Flood. The Cine Reflector, which supports the flash head, is itself supported by a large metal yoke with ratcheting handle and a 5/8″ (16 mm) receiver for light stands.
The kit also includes a set of metal barndoors, a filter and adapter kit and a 4 scrim kit that is comprised of full single and double scrims and half single and double scrims.
The most versatile light shaping tool to date.
Works with all Profoto flash lights and continuous light sources.
The world’s first combined PAR and open face type reflector.
Increases the output by one f/stop.
Safe and robust double-layer housing.
Provides an umbrella attachment.
Metal bracket for overhead mounting included.
Modifies the light as you want using their set of lenses included.


  • Head Profoto HMI 800W ProDaylight
  • Ballast Profoto
  • Cinereflector
  • 5 Lens Set
  • Set Scrims
  • Heat Protective Gloves
  • Compatible with a wide assortment of Light Shaping Tools.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fan cooling with silent running mode
  • Hot Restrike
  • Safe to use thanks to the thick protective glass and the UV blocked bulb
  • Powered by the ProBallast 800, which can be wirelessly controlled with Air System

NOTE: HMI lamp price per hour is 4 €.