Studio 1


Studio Assistant
Applebox Kit
Polyboards B&W
4 Extension cords
Workstation Table

Technical features

180 m2.
15 meters x 12 meters
Min. Height: 4,25 meters Max. Height: 6 meters
Ciclorama 12 meters wide x 7,5 meters long x 4,25 meters high
Natural Light with motor windows.
Camera Shot: 17 meters.
Vehicle entrance.
Wi-Fi optical fiber 600 Mb
Air Conditioning
Music Equipment bluetooth
Apple iMac 24"
Table and Chairs
Separate MakeUp Room with 3 stands provided with iron, supports clothes, and air conditioning
Three-phase distribution panel 50 Kw
50 Kw AC Power (Expandable)


Working day 1/2 Working day E/H Diurnal E/H Nocturnal Saturday Sun. / Holiday
Advertising 590€ 415€ 70€ 100€ 875€ 875€
Filming 700€ 490€ 80€ 120€ 1.100€ 1.100€
Power cons. 0,65€/Kw 0,65€/Kw 0,65€/Kw 0,65€/Kw 0,65€/Kw 0,65€/Kw
Presentation Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult Consult

Our most complete studio covers 180 square meters which can be expandable. It has a Cyclorama, natural daylight, vehicle entrance and an independent make-up room.
The rental day is 9 hours and half day rental is 5 hours, (9am to 2pm or 2pm to 7pm)

Diurnal extra hour: 6 pm to 10 pm

Nocturnal extra hour: 10 pm to 6 am