Equipment Rental

Here you can choose the equipment that you need within a broad range of products and manage your own budget
(if you would like to rent an item for a whole week you must calculate four days instead of seven). 

Protwin Head


The ProTwin is a single head with two plugs and two flash tubes. Connect both plugs to one generator and halve the flash duration. Connect each plug to separate generators and get twice as much power or twice as fast recycling time. Apart from these obvious differences, the ProTwin shares its compact size and durable build with the ProHead Plus.

Superior performance in a tough and compact casing.
Dual heavy-duty quartz flashtube delivers up to 9,600 Ws of light.
Compatible with the entire range of Light Shaping Tools.
Very safe to use thanks to the UV reducing glass cover and arc-proof connector.
Temperature controlled fan will keep head and accessories cool even during excessive use.
Profoto Magnum Reflector included – a clever tool that maximizes the light output while maintaining a smooth light spread and limiting the spot effect.