Equipment Rental

Here you can choose the equipment that you need within a broad range of products and manage your own budget
(if you would like to rent an item for a whole week you must calculate four days instead of seven). 

CL Umbrella 85 cm Silver


The starting point of most photographers lighting toolboxes is with the umbrella, offering versatility and convenience in one easily portable package. Three surfaces to choose from ensure there is a CL umbrella for every need. The White umbrellas for the smooth soft light, Silver for the higher contrast, Translucent for the direct, diffuse light and the Softbox Umbrella providing a soft directional lighting effect.

Special alloy composites make the frame, locking mechanism and joints flexible enough to handle the use and abuse of the real world, while being rigid enough to hold its shape when it really counts – on set. The universal 8 mm shaft guaranties compatibility with all brands of flash. CL umbrellas are also approved for use with continuous hot lights, up to 500 watts.