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HMI Profoto Prodaylight 800 Air


While there are a lot of HMIs on the market, few have the advanced design of the Pro Daylight Air and virtually none have compatibility with the extensive line of renowned Profoto light-shaping tools which have been helping create great images for photographers for many years. Now videographers and cinematographers can experience the Profoto magic.
But there’s more. Let’s not forget that the “Air” in the name implies remote control and you can indeed control the light output wirelessly as well as power on and off from a Profoto Air Remote or Air Sync Transceiver. In fact, using Profoto’s Studio software, you can create and control multiple lighting setups via computer. With its multi-voltage power supply the ProDaylight Air goes just about anywhere there’s electricity. Lamp life is extended to 750 hours thanks to the superior design of the cooling system.
The Profoto ProDaylight Air Basic Kit includes the flicker-free ProBallast, mains cable, lamp, clear glass dome and transport cap

ProDaylight 800 Air
The ProDaylight 800 Air is a metal halide based continuous light source, which is dedicated to working with most of the existing line of Profoto’s light shaping tools. The powerful HMI lamp provides daylight color temperature (5600K), which is ideal for many photo and video shoots.

Advanced Cooling
Thanks to higher efficiency and the characteristics of metal halide technology, ProDaylight units provide ideal light for your HD videos. The heads are equipped with a state of the art cooling system which is designed to eliminate fan noise while it lengthens lamp life.
Structural Integrity
ProDaylight heads are constructed for heavy-duty use. Its metal housing, ballasts and all of the components are solid and reliable; able to withstand even the most demanding shooting situations.

Air Radio Remote Control
The ProDaylight has built-in renowned “Air” radio remote capability, which gives you the ability activate, deactivate or dim the output light wirelessly. By using Profoto’s Studio software, you can create and coordinate multiple lighting setups from a computer.

Flicker-free electronic multi-voltage (100 – 240V AC, 50 / 60 Hz) ballast for international use. The ballast has a passive cooling system for quiet operation and frequency switching between 100Hz and 300Hz, as well as and silent mode. Line over-voltage and overheating protection is built in. Lamp sockets are safe and durable.
Compatible with a wide assortment of Light Shaping Tools.
Compact and lightweight
Fan cooling with silent running mode
Hot Restrike
Safe to use thanks to the thick protective glass and the UV blocked bulb
Powered by the ProBallast 800, which can be wirelessly controlled with Air System

NOTE: HMI lamp price per hour 4 €