We have the new Profoto! The B2 On-Off Camera Flash!

Shoot with B2 is to shoot all the options in the mano..Pon head on the camera stand, bag waist and move. Or put everything in a stand and works out of the camera. Shoot with TTL, or do it in hybrid mode off and on from the TTL to manual control with intact options. Use it with a subtle thread of light or power ups and take full control of all the ambient light. Connect one or two flash heads, use only B2, or sync with one or more B1 Off-Camera Flashes.Úsalo with the basic head, or choose from the full range of modeling tools available light and converts the already if the B2 magnificent light in lighting that you can not even imagine. You can combine it with all Profoto window options available, including new OCF very light to carry and hold caualquier part effortlessly. Take advantage of the introductory offer we have 15% during this March! .