Daylight Studios: More than three decades of experience in automotive productions

For nearly 34 years we have devoted hundreds of working hours in productions with all types of vehicles as our main models, either in our own studios or on location. Following our business philosophy, we have invested lots of time, effort and economic resources so that our facilities meet the highest requirements in order to allow our clients to be able to carry out this type of work and ensure a successful experience. We go the extra mile by playing close attention to all the specific needs for these productions from a technical and safety point of view, even providing a custom-built access for vehicles to our spaces. Not only that, we also offer the latest available equipment from the best brands in the market and we have built a team of highly qualified professionals.

After the refurbishment of our Studios 3 and 4, we now offer even larger spaces to carry out this type of productions, usually tied to advertising campaigns, company events and courses. In addition, due to our vast background we have been able to work, connect and create synergies with the top production companies, photographers and videographers in the automotive field, cultivating a close relationship that has continued to grow around an industry that never ceases to innovate and offer new technological advances.

Throughout our history we have worked  with spectacular, luxurious and emblematic brands such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW or Cadillac, and many other brands such as Mini, Opel, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, Peugeot or Mazda, among others. Recently, with the rise and high demand of electric vehicles, we have seen a fully electric version of the iconic Mini One or the futuristic design of the Hyundai IONIQ arrive at our studios.

We have worked with specialized agencies in the automotive field such as Hogarth, Insitu Productions, Pictures That Move, Las Montañas del Canada, Twentyfourseven, Sonda Productions, The Lift Producciones Internacionales, Agosto, Zona IV, among others, and with local and international photographers and videographers  such as George Belfield, Dave Hill, Simon Puschmann, McCall & McCall, Sébastien Staub, Ben and Martin (Bam Photographers), Christian Colmenero, José Bueno

Our team comprises qualified and experienced specialists who know how to work with vehicles and achieve great results. These are often complex jobs that require great knowledge and the best lighting equipment. The surface of a car, for example, reflects light or anything that surrounds it like a mirror. Also, a production that involves more than one vehicle means that finding a light that’s ideal for all the participating models in the shooting won’t be an easy task. Our staff is prepared to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

Four years ago we decided to widen our main entrance in order to create a custom-fit vehicle access to our Studios 1 and 2, turning the process of entering and exiting our sets into a much faster, easier experience. These two spaces are also adjacent and complementary, so our Studio 1   -that has a surface of 180m² with a built-in Cyclorama- can expand and add an extra 90m² from our Studio 2, combining both into a completely open space of 270m² for a large production or an event or presentation that requires one or more vehicles on display.

But that’s not all. The recent refurbishment of our Studios 3 and 4 have multiplied the possibilities of working with vehicles of almost any size. In this area, just across the street from our main entrance and our offices, we now offer a multifunctional area with kitchen, roof terrace and a covered outdoor patio of 70m². Many of the vehicles from our fleet, such as our two vans, the minibus or the truck, are loaded, unloaded and parked in this space effortlessly. Last but not least, our Studio 3 inside has also a built-in Cyclorama and covers 230m², a large surface that will enable you to carry out shootings and events with vehicles of all kinds. Lastly, our Studio 4, with a surface of 50 m², can work as a independent multipurpose space.